Rotten Republic

Canzoni contro la guerra di Rotten Republic

Rotten Republic, Hemet, USA, Chuck Monroe.

“We are rotten republic we are pissed that we have to work every day! and we are pissed at the level of indignity humans are willing to except in their daily lives ! and we are pissed at the exploitation of the weak and non-aggressive of the planet by the strong and greedy! and we express this aloud through music our music is purposely non-pretentious almost anti-HiFi. All totally self written recorded produced and until someone is willing to help us out self distributed.

We've all known each other for ever this is the only band most of us have ever been in we've been playing together since where where 15 and not one of us is younger than 24 and Rotten Republic has been the name of the band since '97”
Have you performed in front of an audience?
“We play live every chance we get if you are in so cal and want us to play your party show or whatever let us know we are easy to get ahold of”

Your musical influences

“Musical influences? here's some Crass, Modest Mouse, The War On Terror, The Eight Hour Work Day, The Mob , Conflict, Sunburns And Blisters , Rubber Bullets, Atom Bombs, Built To Spill, Against me!, Micheal Moore, Tom Waits, Growing Up Poor and Trying To Escape,The Patriot Act, Noam Chomsky, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mojo Nixon... and many manny more”

What equipment do you use?

“Guitars and amps and drums. haha do you want brand names …ehh I hate brand names”.