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Antiwar songs by Just Say NO Posse

The "Just Say NO" Posse is known world-wide to many in the Anti-War/Peace Movement. The "Just Say NO" Rap(1991) has been heard at many demonstrations, outside military installions, in radio and other media and the rap is still going strong.

The "Just Say NO" Posse was mentioned in the following article:

Once Again, Anti-War Songs Proliferate In The U.S.
March 22, 2003


.................These are only a select few of the anti-war songs that are blossoming in the U.S. and worldwide, aided by such grassroots peace organizations as Musicians United to Win Without War, the Just Say No Posse, and Global Exchange. Meanwhile, granddaddy of protest singers Seeger has been performing his post-Sept. 11 song "Take It From Dr. King" at anti-war events, including Songs of Protest: The Vietnam Songbook, a March 1 concert at Manhattan nightspot Joe's Pub that contemporized the songs of the 1969 The Vietnam Songbook. The event also starred the book's compiler, Barbara Dane; Patti Smith Band's Lenny Kaye; and the Fugs' Tuli Kupferburg, as well as Moore and Smith...........................................

The “Just Say NO” Posse has many artists who support this project . They give their time and talent willingly and without hesitation and they are always ready to go despite great hardship. Our work also continues to be supported by soldiers currently serving in the military at great personal risk.

People are putting it all on the line. We’ve gone out to many artists to solicit their support and the response has been overwhelming. Given the repressive political situation today, a great many people are being intimidated and even being imprisoned for voicing their opposition to the war plans of the US, its Allies and all of its lackeys. In spite of all of the Gestapo tactics being employed millions of people all over the world are rising up and taking a stand and we’ll be right there, alongside them.

Culture is a great weapon in the hands of those who are fighting to end this “Reign Of Terror”. We’re calling on all progressive artists to do all that they can do to support this and other efforts globally. Let’s get the word out to the Youth & Soldiers immediately. We can help to make a difference. Let us hear from everyone who has ideas .

When The tell you to go….Just Say NO!!!!

Contact the “Stop The War Brigade” to get the “Just Say NO” Posse to Anti-War activities anywhere in the world.

Stop The War Brigade & Vietnam Veterans Against the War-AI (Germany)