Yeshayahu Shpigl [Isaiah Spiegel] / אישיהו שפּיגל

Canzoni contro la guerra di Yeshayahu Shpigl [Isaiah Spiegel] / אישיהו שפּיגל

Yeshayahu Spiegel — who was born in Lodz In of garbage outside the house in which he hid 1906 and who survived the Holocaust and is part of his writings before he was deported from presently living in Israel — wrote realistic prose the ghetto. The photographs on display are of describing the inner world and struggles of the the original manuscripts, approximately 150 individual in the ghetto against the background pages of which Spiegel found, and which to this of the trials and tribulations endured by the day have not been published in their original Jewish community of Lodz. The hunger, cold, form. The photographs accompanying the and death which permeated the ghetto and the manuscripts depict the situation described by alienation of the inhabitants are the central Spiegel in his works. The stories he recovered themes in Spiegel's prose, the majority of which describe the years 1939–1941, during which the was confiscated in Auschwitz. The many poems masses of Jews in the Lodz Ghetto were forced which he wrote were lost during the Holocaust, to live under terrible conditions (hunger, cold, After the war, Spiegel succeeded In recovering and epidemics) as a result of which many of the the manuscripts of 17 of his stories from a pile ghetto inhabitants perished.