Antiwar songs by KTWMD
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KTWMDKill The White Man Dead or KTWMD, Jeb Ebben, Milwaukee, Park Falls, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is a progressive thrash machine. Bring back political hardcore.
KTWMD were birthed in the cold Northwoods of Wisconsin in 2001. Featuring various members of nearly every band to exist in this little horrid pocket of the world for the last five years, we set out with a mission – to make poignant, smart, political hardcore that doesn't preach but will Thrash Your Face Off. Whether or not Kill The White Man Dead has succeded in such an ambitious goal is unsure, but they've certainly tried.

Interview with Jeb Ebben:

Have you performed in front of an audience?

“We play as many shows as we can, which, unfortunately, is not as many as we'd like. We promise to rock the house to its foundations though, if you'll let us. And we'll only be a little drunk”.

Your musical influences

“We are very influenced by the original wave of "goth rock bands" from both Europe and the states. Also, our drumming is heavily influenced by ambient dub. Also, it's worth noting that the last time someone played a jazz record anywhere near us, we cut off their fucking head”.

What equipment do you use?

“Guitars, drums, and microphones”.

Anything else?

“Discography: Split With Cachexia (2001), Kill The White Man Dead (2004), coming soon: Kill The White Man Dead Broadway Musical Official Soundtrack”.