Canzoni contro la guerra di KILT.
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KILT. was founded around the year 2000. It started as an instrumental band.

After some years it became obvious that we wanted to add some vocals to get our message more clearly to the audience.

We made the first album Everything / Nothing with bunch of different singers that we asked to contribute to the songs including the wonderfull Jessi Frey from Velcra. It worked out great on the record and we did put a lot of effort to make that work, but it made organizing live gigs was almost impossible.

In 2010 we started to record Reversal.

Teemu Ruokonen has been responsible for the composing and drumming on the first album. Since he had already layed down the demo vocals it came obvious during the session that Teemu would do all the vocals himself on top of the drums.

Mikko Herranen had been involved with the band early on and he has recorded and produced all the KILT. releases so far. After Reversal session Mikko took over the drums and now Teemu could do all the vocals live.

We Against Us consist of 5 songs that Teemu worked on right after Reversal. The songs would not fit on the next album so we decided we would share them as an EP with you.

The next KILT. release will be called Momentum and the recording of the album is going on as we speak (summer 2015).

The band consists of veteran musicians. Mikko Herranen (drums) from Velcra, Matias Aaltonen (bass) and Wille Hartonen (synth) and Teemu from Iiwanajulma. Esa Pajunen (guitar) and also Olli Ketola (guitar) from Nicole.