Ulan Tuya

 Ulan Tuya / 乌兰图雅Ulan Tuya (simplified Chinese: 乌兰图雅; traditional Chinese: 烏蘭圖雅; pinyin: wū lán tú yǎ; born September 7, 1983, also known as Ulan Tuyo or Wulan Tuya) is a Chinese singer, songwriter and composer of Mongolian ethnicity.
In 2014, she attended the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala with her teacher, Ri-Na Wu, where they performed a rendition of her hit "Horse Pole." In 2019, she attended the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala with Shi Peng, Sha Yi, Hu Ke, Yun Duo, and Yun Fei, and performed the song "Praise the New Era" at the live broadcast party.

Ulan Tuya was born on September 7, 1983 in Horqin Grassland, Inner Mongolia, China and graduated from Minzu University of China.[7]
In June 2011, she officially entered the entertainment business with the release of the song "Horse Pole," which allowed her to gain more attention.[8][9]


Studio albums

Horse Pole (套马杆) 2011)
Praise the New Era (点赞新时代) 2019)
Phoenix Flies (凤凰飞)2011)
Hit Song for Love(火辣辣的情歌)2011)
Love Brother in Grassland(草原情哥哥)2011)
Long Tune of World Music(世界音乐长调)2012)
Beautiful Grassland(醉美草原)2012)
Mom's Love(妈妈的恩情)2012)
Golden Grassland(金色的草原)2012)

Girl of Arxan(阿尔山的姑娘)2015)
Standing on the grassland and looking at Beijing(站在草原望北京)2012)