Antiwar songs by Podiṕto
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PodiṕtoPodipto formed in Northern Minnesota in 1969. Until disbanding in 1975, Podipto was known as one of the brightest acts hailing from the Midwest, blending rock, blues and country into a unique sound that would never be forgotten by those who heard them or saw them perform. Throughout the early 1970s, Podipto toured the country, performing with acts such as Elton John, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, The Carpenters, Kenny Rogers, The Guess Who, Poco, John Sebastian and many others.

The band's unique sound was created by the blend of three vocalists—two male and one female—who traded leads and joined in harmony. Podipto could shift from feel-good dreamy 70s folk to growling twin-guitar blues on a dime, refusing to let any one genre of the time define their sound. Most of the band's original songs were written by rhythm guitarist and vocalist John Collins, and bassist Jack Sundrud. Dan Lund played electric guitar with (then wife) Karen Lund on vocals and piano. John Calder was the band's initial drummer, but after being drafted into Vietnam, Steve Rundquist replaced him on drums. The band had a couple of lineup changes in 1973, when Steve and Jack left the band to pursue other projects. For a short time Ron Kelley provided on vocals and bass in 1973, until Wilson Roberts joined the band. Chester Ellingson took over drums in 1973.

Podipto recorded two albums, the first in 1970 with GRT Records of Canada. Shortly after the album's release, the label faltered, leaving Podipto and its other bands with an uncertain future. Dubious of record companies, Podipto recorded its second album just as its title suggests: Homemade. The band broke up in 1975, to the dismay of many fans who embraced their sound and messages of peace and love, good times, political awareness and relentless groove.

Now, 40 years after their breakup, Podipto's music is being restored and issued for the first time on CD and digital download. In addition to their two albums, fans will hear studio demos of lost songs, and live recordings of the band that span all the years and all the members of the band. These recordings have been meticulously cleaned and readied for release after sitting for 40 years in various basements across the U.S.

Podipto was Northern Minnesota's band that everyone loved, a band that made it big enough to get national attention and ride a wave of 1970s action and unrest, and a band that ended quietly, leaving an empty space that could never be filled and a sound that could never be replicated.