Lin JaldatiLin Jaldati, pseudonimo di Rebekka Rebling-Brilleslijper, detta Lientje (Amsterdam, 13 dicembre 1912 – Berlino Est, 31 agosto 1988), è stata una cantante e superstite dell'Olocausto olandese naturalizzata tedesca.


Lin Jaldati (13 December 1912 – 31 August 1988) was a Dutch-born, East German-based Yiddish singer. She was a Holocaust survivor, and one of the last people to see Anne Frank. After the war she published an article, "Memories of Anne Frank," in Joachim Hellwig and Gunther Deicke's book, A Diary for Anne Frank. A self-professed socialist, she performed in Yiddish in Russia, China, North Korea and Vietnam from the 1950s to the 1970s.