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Canzoni contro la guerra di Grave Digger
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Grave DiggerThe German band Grave Digger was originally formed in November 1980 and were one of the first bands to sign with the upcoming label Noise Records in the early 1980's. Through Noise they released three raw power metal albums and soon found themselves being compared to a band called Helloween. In 1987 the band split up but some of the members continued the band under the name Digger. In 1991 Chris Boltendhal reformed the band and they have since then released several albums.

Chris "Max" Boltendahl 1980- Vocals See also Digger, White Skull.
Manfred Albert "Manni" Schmidt 2000- Guitars See also Rage.
Jens Becker 1997- Bass See also Bastill, Crossroads, Running Wild, Stormrose, X-Wild.
Hans Peter Katzenburg 1995- Keyboards, piano A multimedia artist.
Stefan Arnold 1995- Drums See also Capricorn, Grinder, X-Mas Project.

Jörg Michael 1993-1994 Drums See also Axel Rudi Pell, Blizzard, Book Of Sin, Glenmore, Headhunter, House Of Spirits, Laos, Mekong Delta, Paganini, Rage, Raymen, Der Riss, Running Wild, Stratovarius, Tom Angelripper, U.P., X-Mas Project.
Frank Ulrich 1994-1995 Drums See also Holy Moses, Living Death, X-Wild.
Uwe Lulis 1987-2000 Guitars See also Digger, Rebellion.
Tomi Göttlich 1991-1997 Bass See also Rebellion.
Albert Eckardt 1980-1987 Drums See also Digger.
Peter Masson 1980-1987 Guitars
C.F. Brank 1985-1986 Bass See also Digger.
Willi Lackmann 1980-1984 Bass
Simon Adam 1980-1980 Drums
Peter Breitenbach 1991-1993 Drums See also Inverness, Lesbian Dopeheads On Mopeds, Revoice, Warhead.

Hansi Kürsch Vocals On Tunes. See also Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Rage, Therion.

1984 Heavy Metal Breakdown Noise
1985 Witch Hunter Noise
1986 War Games Noise
1993 Symphony Of Death (EP) GUN
1993 The Reaper GUN
1994 Best Of The Eighties Noise
1995 Heart Of Darkness GUN
1996 Tunes Of War GUN
1997 The Dark Of The Sun (EP) GUN
1998 Knights Of The Cross GUN
1999 Excalibur GUN
2001 The Grave Digger Nuclear Blast
2003 Rheingold Nuclear Blast
2005 The Last Supper Nuclear Blast