Oferta Especial

Canzoni contro la guerra di Oferta Especial
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Oferta Especialhttps://ofertaespecial.bandcamp.com/

OFERTA ESPECIAL began in 2002 using the music as a tool to express news and peopleĀ“s complaints about the world around them.

Since then, there have been many changes in the band, as well as the sound, but always keeping the essence and nature on the PUNK-ROCK music which they have been performing since the beginning.

After, the band grew from its four original members to seven musicians, experimenting with new sounds (saxophone, trumpet and trombone), starting to define its current music style, SKA-PUNK.

Fifteen years later, several albums and a lots of tours throughout Europe, the band still has the same power and continues fighting for social rights.

The Oferta Especial philosophy is and will always be the love for music and the willingness to have fun, calling things by their name, no mincing words. The whole effort is based on keeping alive a common dream: defending free culture, promoting music and denouncing social injustice; in order to try to raise awareness on issues that concerns us all. Freedom is not given or removedā€¦ it is just taken!