Javier Miro

Canzoni contro la guerra di Javier Miro

Writer Poet and singer Bor in Buenos Aires Argentina -29/06/1961 Premios
2017-honorable mention contest “Mares del Sur” Newspaper El español Spanish category short story: “La verdadera historia de el tractorcito rojo que silbo y bufo”

2016 - Honorable mention competition Palabras Sydney poem:"Amor en la Tormenta"
2014 - Tango Tango literature poetry in Spanish 1st prize poem:'Milonga para Quequen'
2014 - Contest Argentine Cultural Centre of NSW poetry: second prize poem:
"Escribiré una frase cada día'
-Shtories: first prize:' A wonderful specimen '
Born in Buenos Aires, in 1991 emigrated to Sydney, Australia currently writing for Blogs "We shoot from the belfry" and "Juan Bautista Maciel"
Publication anthology of Tales: Stories Unconnected/Editorial Dunken 2016Cuento “En realidad es Anton Pirulero”
Blogs JAVIER PACO Y EL LOCO https://javiemiro.blogspot.com/ and JAVIER AND THE MADMAN https://javiermiro2.blogspot.com/