Paul Arenson

Antiwar songs by Paul Arenson

A home page can be a window that lets others look inside us, but what others see is
not always what we see. Some of you said that earlier versions of this page were too "preachy". A large part of my identity IS rooted in social activism. Yet there are too many people with political convictions who have lost their sense of humor. For me humor is essential, especially in the face of things I am powerless to change. Besides, what good is being preachy if it turns people off? The message is lost! For that reason I have made some room for having fun (an example being the faces you will see if you click on my photo).

More about image...I once entered a classroom and encountered puzzlement from nearly everyone. "Why are you dressed up?" they wanted to know. (It just so happens that I never wear a tie unless it is required). On the other hand, people I knew from the one job that required a necktie expressed the same sort of bewilderment when I met them by chance and I was dressed casually. It is not simply a matter of WHO you are; it is who people THINK you are.

And so I find myself asking if the "me" I am trying to present here is the "me" others are seeing. Maybe you know me already and have formed an image of me that will somehow be contradicted by what you come across here. Or maybe the fonts I choose, the links I include, or the words I use will lead you to see a different "me" than the one I'd LIKE you to see. All I can hope is that by including a variety of links on things that interest me, I will leave you feeling that you know me a little bit better
I hope you will write and let me know what you found that appeals to you. I am also open to all suggestions and especially hope you will submitlinks you recommend, including your own home page if you have one.