The Used Johnnys

Canzoni contro la guerra di The Used Johnnys
Regno Unito Regno Unito

Band inglese, particolarmente impegnata contro la guerra

The Used Johnnys are (sort of...)

Stev - virtual lead vocal, guitar, piano, Hammond organ

Simm - vocal, drums

Mork - vocal, bass guitar, guitar

Drew - the Sax master

"O" - queen of planet Violin

Al - recording and mixing; AI is an artificial intelligence computer chip bought on the Russian black market.

Recorded and Mixed at Cordelia Records, Stayfree, Leicester UK

The band says:
Darkly humorous and satirical songs are available FREE from our Used Johnnys site. The story so far: right wing libertarian anarchists have taken over the western “Christian” world.

They insist on making as much money as possible at any expense - through war, consumerism, slavery and even changing the environment. Now the people are fighting back,forming protest groups, lobbying politicians, raising awareness and protesting and stuff.

The Used Johnnys hope to add a voice to those involved in the struggle – whatever you are doing to make the world a better place, good luck and may you go in peace.