Herman Yablokof [Herman Yablokoff] / הערמאַן יאַבלאָקאָף

Antiwar songs by Herman Yablokof [Herman Yablokoff] / הערמאַן יאַבלאָקאָף
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Herman Yablokof [Herman Yablokoff] / הערמאַן יאַבלאָקאָףHerman Yablokoff (August 11, 1903 – April 3, 1981, Yiddish: הערמאַן יאַבלאָקאָף‎, Russian: Герман Яблоков, born Chaim Yablonik, Хаим Яблоник), sometimes written Herman Yablokov, Herman Yablokow, etc., was a Belarusian-born Jewish American actor, singer, composer, poet, playwright, director and producer who became one of the biggest stars in Yiddish theatre.
Papirosn ("Cigarettes") in 1932, featured the song of the same name which he had been inspired to write in 1922, after seeing children peddling cigarettes during the pogroms in Grodno after the First World War. Thanks to its traditional folk tune and sentimental words, the song became very popular.