Psychedelic Cowboys

Antiwar songs by Psychedelic Cowboys

The Psychedelic Cowboys are a band based in Budapest,Hungary lead by singer songwriter Mouksa who is originally from the USA. A member of the peace movement since the early 1970's he has written and recorded dozens of anti-war songs including: New Generation,Terrorism (is your fault, Freedom Song, Hey hey (the big lie), Don't give up the fight,Clueless and dumb,The full story,Thirty years,America,Haiphong-72,Mentally ill,Erithrea,Blind, Behind the walls of sleep, You can have the world (I'm going to heaven), Insanity, Bring it all down, Your gonna go one day, One the loose,Babylon's fallen, All I see is deadness, Psychedelic cowboy, New world of love.
In 2005 they released a new video clip called New Generation which ends with 1,800 people holding torches in a massive peace symbol filmed during the two year anniverary protest festival of the Iraq war on March 20th.
Live concerts are very exciting to see a combination of the Doors and Bob Dylan! A must band for any protest event!
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