Tarujen Saari

Canzoni contro la guerra di Tarujen Saari
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Tarujen Saari
Gruppo folk-rock finlandese. Il nome significa alla lettera "Isola delle leggende".


Tarujen Saari is a Finnish folkrock group that represents the all-European music tradition. The group trusts in the power of good melodies. They play many old traditional songs which have lived for centuries, but are not very widely known. Songs are collected from books and old recordings published in England, Scotland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden - and naturally in Finland. The members of the group translate the lyrics in Finnish and also write their own songs close to the style of the traditional ones.

The group started in 1996 and has performed in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, in many smaller festivals in Finland and especially in many medieval parties and happenings which are quite popular in Finland nowadays. The group has also had a few short tours in Europe (in the Netherlands, Belgium and Lithuania). When performing the members of the group usually wear medieval style clothes.

The first album "Helmiä ja kuparikolikoita" ("Pearls and Copper Coins") was released in 1998. In 1999 the group released a soundtrack-EP of a medieval theatre play where they wrote the music. The second album "Hepsankeikka" ("Flibbertygibbert"), a collection of love songs, came out in 2000. The releasing party and concert were in Kihaus Folk Music Festival, Rääkkylä (Värttinä’s home village in Finland). The third album "Levoton hauta" ("The Unquiet Grave") was released in the equinox 2002 and is a collection of death songs. In April 2004 Tarujen Saari released their fourth album "Sota kirottu!" ("Damned war!"), a collection of anti-war songs, the oldest ones of which date back to the 16th century. The album is produced by ex-Värttinä Pekka Lehti.

After more than 350 concerts Tarujen Saari has achieved a strong following in Finland. The group has also earned very good critics for the albums, like: "Greatly documented old stories sung by the beautiful voice of Kaisa Saari", "Their playing is rich with subtle sounds", "The most vivid folkrock group since early Värttinä."

KAISA SAARI - lead vocals, recorder, tin whistle
PASI KUITUNEN - drums, percussions
TAPIO MATTLAR - acoustic guitar, hurdy gurdy
VESA VIGMAN - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin