Sheryl Zettner

Antiwar songs by Sheryl Zettner

Sheryl got ambitious to write songs while living in New Zealand, but it wasn't till Bush threatened to invade Iraq that she actually was motivated to get off her duff and produce the Pied Piper of Crawford.

Singer/Songwriter Maria Larson was so kind to play guitar for me in it.

Then she took on her song The Patriot Call with the kind help of her ex-boyfriend Mark Camann and hre kind friend Charles Peterson.

Since then , Sheryl met Talysman (aka urbeatle) on a dating website, and he told her about the online band he was in called The InterrÃbang Cartel. She uploaded one of her song ideas onto the forum there, where Major Zed and ?!Charlie started working with her to make it into a reality. It's really almost as much Major Zeds as hers at this point; he put so much work and creative thought into it. But they are both happy parents of that song. :-)