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"I got my first real guitar when I was ten, and began official lessons with Dave Steckleberg, in a small music store, downtown Greeley, Colorado.

I did not get serious about playing until mom moved us to Redmond, Oregon, where I tried learning CSN&Y, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Delta Blues tunes by ear. The old fellas in town played banjo and dobro; they showed me licks, gave me tips, and ribbed every kid who dropped by the soda fountain for a free lesson. I learned the way you're supposed to learn any stringed instrument: find the old boys who hang around on a street corner, and watch their fingers for the good stuff.

My high school band was pretty lousy, but we played everything everyone in school wanted to hear, so my little rag-tag outfit played its share of Friday, after-the-game dances.

I returned to Colorado on my own, and between the ages of 17 and 22 I played for a few country-rock bands, though I spent most of my time playing solo gigs in the bars of every little mountain town from Denver to Steamboat Springs, covering Stephen Stills as often as I could."