Julij Čersanovič Kim / Юлий Черсанович Ким

Canzoni contro la guerra di Julij Čersanovič Kim / Юлий Черсанович Ким

Yuliy Chersanovich Kim (Russian: Ю́лий Черса́нович Ким; Korean: 김줄리어스; born December 23, 1936) is one of Russia's foremost bards, composer, poet, song writer for theater and films. His songs, encompassing everything from mild humor to biting political satire, appear in at least fifty Soviet movies, including Bumbarash, The Twelve Chairs, and An Ordinary Miracle, as well as the songs "The Brave Captain," "The Black Sea," "The Whale-Fish," "Cursed Lips," "Captain Bering," and "Baron Germont Went to War." Since 1998, he has been living in Israel and has made periodic tours through Russia, Europe, and the United States.