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Antiwar songs by Logic & People's Army
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Logic & People's ArmyBiography

Born & Raised In south london, My music is simply a reflection of me. Whatever you hear in any of my tracks is 100% true. Thats the way I believe music should be. Regardless of the genre. Its an art. The same way a painter treats his creation is the same way I treat my music. Everyone comes to a point in their life when they realise thier purpose. REALIZATION. I aint saying that I’m the ‘chosen one’ or that I’m special, because I’m not. But I believe that the Almighty is in everyone, and therefore, we all carry his words. His message is installed in us from birth, however, lifes ups & downs tend to make people forget this all together. Where to begin….?
I’d describe myself as a speaker

A spokesperson

I was born into music, and raised in a negative society, so my music is basically my views…

Never conformed to any fasion or trend I believe that the truth is in you so whatever you believe cant be wrong.

Who has the power to tell u otherwise?


The Secret Of Shambala is waiting for us to discover it. TRUST!!


Hold On….

That stuff might be a bit deep for some of ya so I’l try to simplify it…..

Thats Life…

Breaking down complicated theories for those who cant understand.

Therefore, I see my music as my life.

I express my life in my music.

Whatever I may be thinking about at that time is what I’ll write