Antiwar songs by P-Dash
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An artist may be defined unofficially as a person who expresses themselves through a sensually inspired platform of medium.

On July 14, 1984 an artist was born in the rural town of Manning, S.C. The place of birth, along with the sub sequential circumstances of his life, would serve to ensure that P-DASH (born Bryant Robbins) wasn’t anything like the typical artist of his generation. Being forced to mature at a very young age due to the death of his mother at age 8, P-DASH seemed to possess the soul of an old wise man trapped in a young man’s body as he learned to cope with the harsh realities responsible for the difficulties in his upbringing.

Despite the initial hardships, DASH was able to find peace and discover his talent through and for poetry and music. While the subject matter of his adolescent years consisted mostly of punch lines, big science words, and slick talking bravado, his transition into manhood reflected in his conscious and environmentally aware content.

Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Army seeking to broaden his horizons and escape the home that had become increasingly saturated with drugs violence and subpar economic conditions that had already began to effect the lives of many of his closest counterparts. More than anything, he viewed the move as an opportunity to build the foundation for his professional career as an artist. While on active duty in 2004 he released his first independent album entitled “DA YUNGSTAR” with the assistance of several members of his crew formerly know as ALCWOOD. However, the constant demands of a post 9-11 soldier did not afford him the opportunity to fully dedicate his total energy towards exposing “DA YUNGSTAR” to a wider audience and remained a relatively unknown body of work only to be found along the back streets and woods of the rap music underground. Recognizing his potential through his efforts, he decided to not take the “safe route” of re-enlisting in the Army but instead chose to drive across the country to continue the pursuit of his passion by enrolling in the Conservatory of Recording Art and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. It was there where he would cultivate his skills as a recording engineer and refine his abilities as a producer. His hard working reputation and high marks as a student at the Conservatory would play a key role in landing him an internship at Can-Am studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Although lacking the necessary resources to complete a smooth transition to the big city, DASH was determined to take the four hour drive to L.A. in a pick-up truck with a U-HAUL attached to the trailer hitch. With very little money he found himself homeless his first week in L.A. living out of his pick-up truck and U-Haul while putting in every hour he could working and learning more about the industry from the inside out. Things were seeming to take a turn for the better after a few months before Dash received the news that he had been recalled into the military. After contemplating ducking the obligation altogether, he chose to play the hand fate had dealt him and found himself back in uniform, this time with a slight chip on his shoulder knowing that there would be no way for him to work on any music. He would describe the experience saying “That whole 2nd term felt like a jail sentence more than anything because it was the first time in my life where for an extended period of time where I didn’t have any means of making music.

After being discharged for a second time he decided to return to South Carolina and build his own studio that he would later call The Rap Cave. From the Rap Cave, P-Dash has been articulately translating the socio-economic plights of his community and personal experiences sonically into his most recent musical effort titled “Dying 4 A Living”.