Francisco Ramírez

Antiwar songs by Francisco Ramírez

Don Francisco Ramírez was a Puerto Rican patriot born in San Germán de Puerto Rico, and who created the base for the original background music found in the song named "La Borinkeña" or "La Borinqueña", a song which was later destined to become Puerto Rico's national anthem. This background music and lyrics were later to be replaced for a softer paced and less intense version done by Don Manuel Fernández Juncos.
Francisco Ramírez very much loved his land and so he chanted, whistled or used different kinds of instruments to incorporate into the background for the lyrics used in his famous patriotic songs. Because of the Spanish Imperialist persecution of his time, many of those songs did not survive or are not known to this day. Thankfully the song of La Borinqueña, has been the exception to this case.