Julian Porte

Antiwar songs by Julian Porte

Straight from the heart of Los Angeles, Julian Porte emerges as many of his musical influences did; steeped in the rich traditions of the delta blues, folk, and country music. His approach to songwriting completely bypasses the tumultuous modern musical landscape in favor of a more tried-and-true sound, evoking the deep roots of the past and at the same time presenting a youthful and thoughtful perspective on love, loss, life, and death. Though the times we live in seem to favor groups and musicians who cater to current trends and gimmicks, Julian has chosen instead to become a student of the greats, mastering the finer points of his craft by obsessing over the techniques of troubadours like Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and countless other players who, while often mentioned as influences, are seldom channeled as effectively as they are through his faithful covers as well as his original compositions.