Clark Ford

Canzoni contro la guerra di Clark Ford

I am a songwriter from California living in the midwest. I am married with three children, and am a professor in the sciences at a large state university. Musically, I like diverse styles, wish to expand my writing to many styles.

 I have written a trilogy of full-length musicals ("1972"- "1983" -"1994") and am working to get these onstage. "1972" has been performed as a reading (Original Cast recordings) and as a no-budget production for charity. "1983" went onstage as a reading Feb 3 &4, 2012. "1994" goes onstage as a reading Feb 1 & 2, 2013! My apologies for the preliminary nature of these recordings. If you would like to cover any of these songs professionally, I would be thrilled! Enjoy.

Produced falso 1961 and 2005 musicals, ball with a distance of 11 years each other.