Marc Elusse Nemorospo

Canzoni contro la guerra di Marc Elusse Nemorospo

I was born in 1969, I got my first guitar at the age of 11 and I grew up with music in the 80s. It seems that this means my music production. I like to think that the influence of this terribly exciting time, is an important part, but only a part of my eclectic influences.
About this strange name : Nemorospo
"Nemo was a nickname some good friends of mine gave to me few years ago.
And, maybe because of my green eyes and pouting my head :-(((, I always said I had a toad's face.
Because of the mystery of the origin of my paternal ancestors,
I've always wondered if I had not of Italian blood running through my veins (with the breton blood
flowing already in the same veins, wow, nitroglycerin!)
Anyway, as I said, I used to consider me as a toad, and the italian word for this is "rospo".
That's why nemorospo became my favorite alias."
You enjoyed that short story ? Hope you will enjoy my sounds. «-_-»