Antiwar songs by Świetliki
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ŚwietlikiŚwietliki (The Fireflies) are a Polish band formed in Cracow in October 1992.[1] They perform music described as a mix of alternative rock and sung poetry.

Marcin Świetlicki is a lead vocalist and author of lyrics in most songs. Grzegorz Dyduch plays bass guitar. Since 2005 group often invites actor Bogusław Linda to participate in recordings and concerts as a guest vocalist.

Until 2013 the group published 6 studio albums and gave 191 concerts.[1]
Band members

Current members

Marcin Świetlicki – vocals (1992–present)
Grzegorz Dyduch – bass guitar, double bass, electric guitar (1992–present)
Marek Piotrowicz – drums (1992–present)
Tomasz Radziszewski – electric guitar (1992–present)
Zuzanna Iwańska – viola (2011–present)
Michał Wandzilak – keyboards (2012–present)


Ogród koncentracyjny (1993)
Cacy Cacy Fleischmaschine (1996)
Perły przed wieprze (1999)
Złe misie (2001)
Las putas melancólicas (2005)
Sromota (2013)