Chiwoniso MaraireChiwoniso Maraire (5 March 1976 – 24 July 2013) was a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter, and ‎exponent of Zimbabwean mbira music. She was the daughter of Zimbabwean mbira player and ‎teacher Dumisani Maraire (and former officer in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Sports and Culture in ‎the early 1980s). Describing the mbira, an instrument traditionally used by male musicians, she ‎said, "[it] is like a large xylophone. It is everywhere in Africa under different names: ‘sanza’, ‎‎‘kalimba’, etc. For us in Zimbabwe it is the name for many string instruments. There are many ‎kinds of mbiras. The one that I play is called the ‘nyunga nyunga’, which means ‘sparkle-sparkle’."‎