Henry BurrHenry Burr (January 15, 1882 – April 6, 1941) was a Canadian singer of popular songs from the ‎early 20th century, an early radio performer and producer. He was born Harry Haley McClaskey ‎and used Henry Burr as one of his many pseudonyms, in addition to Irving Gillette, Henry Gillette, ‎Alfred Alexander, Robert Rice, Carl Ely, Harry Barr, Frank Knapp, Al King, and Shamus ‎McClaskey.He was one of the first singers to make popular acoustic recordings and one of the most ‎prolific recording artists of all time, with more than 12,000 recordings by his own estimate. A tenor, ‎he performed as a soloist and also in duets, trios and quartets. His most famous collaboration was ‎the Peerless Quartet.‎