Ehud Banai / אהוד בנאי

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ehud Banai / אהוד בנאי
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Ehud Banai / אהוד בנאיOne of Israel's most unique singer/songwriters. Full of energy and passion, his powerful music and original lyrics have made an undeniable mark on the Israeli music scene. A rare chance to see one of Israel's alternative rock icons live in the US.

Ehud was elected Singer of the Year 2004, At the Israeli music awards, Ehud Banai made a clean sweep, winning best singer, best lyricist and best album of the year for his latest release, Aneh Li (Answer Me). Israelis have welcomed the new CD, his first in seven years.

Banai, who comes from a showbiz family, got accolades from the Israeli musicians union which selected him for best composer and songwriter in 2004. And the Israel music Channel (TV-24) named him the top overall musician for 2004.