Enki Bello

Canzoni contro la guerra di Enki Bello

Enki Bello - Latin Harpist

Enki Semíramis Bello Maldonado was born on February 26th, 1991 in Bogota, Colombia. Known on stage as Enki Bello, she is a Colombian Harpist, singer-songwriter, and record producer, who began in the music scene of Colombia in 1999. Born and raised in Bogota, Enki Bello began performing in middle school, demonstrating her incredible ability with Colombian, Folk, Latin American, and International music. Enki begins her first musical steps at the age of four instructed by her father, Jaime Bello (Architect and Civil Engineer), who taught her the first harp lessons, and her brother Pedro Bello (BS/MS in Electrical Engineering), who also taught her how to play the guitar, cuatro, and maracas. Her family shared a profound passion for the music which was transmitted to her.
Along with an instruction in performing different instruments, Enki takes her first vocal lessons with her mother, Alma Maldonado (Lawyer and Professor of Social Sciences and Literature), who becomes a big influence in Enki's music career.
Later, she goes to a School of Harp (Academia Llano y Joropo) and begins her professional career as a harp-solo-player with the Master Hildo Ariel Aguirre, a well-known Colombian Harpist, who teaches her how the music industry works and how to promote her music.
As she is growing up, Enki discovers within herself a big passion for songwriting and poetry. She starts to write songs combining the harp's melodies with her original lyrics, creating a unique style. Her abilities to join elements of the traditional Colombian Folk music with modern sounds have impacted the music industry. In 2008 she records her first album with the band "Arpas de Colombia". Later, she gets signed with an independent record label "FILMASTER RECORDS", and in 2010 she releases her first solo album called "The Magic of the Harp". Enki is then invited to many radio and TV interviews where she presents and talks about her album getting positive critics about the content and music variety that shows the outstanding talent that this young lady has. In the same year, Enki moves with her family to the United States and begins her studies in Music Business at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. Her high level of musicianship has allowed her to be selected as the best interpreter in several folk music contests across the country, and has offered concerts on several stages in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States.