Genres: Folk, Surrealist Folk
Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

Ciati Conlin plays surrealist folk songs on mandolin, guitar, and banjo, though his main instrument is ukulele. In 2009, he released his first album, "Fists of Nostalgia", followed in 2010 by "Barry the Yogurt Monster", and "Naked Venus", a concept album that included a 20-page booklet telling the story of the album, along with several garishly-tinted photographs of cows with glowing red eyes, giant purple chickens, and strange faces painted on ventilation turbines. 2011 saw his first commercial release with "...And Then One Day We Die". Ciati Conlin is a Florida singer-songwriter who primarily plays the ukulele, though he also occasionally plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, xylophone, and the saw. He first began performing publicly in 2010, and his since played at various venues around Gainesville, FL.