Sorgenhobel started in 1977 as a band playing german and international folk-music, contemporary ‎and political songs. They all were amateurs, non commercial and had nothing to do with the music
business. All band members worked for their living or were unemployed at times.

Most of the time the group had 5 - 6 members, some changing over the years, about 13 to 14 ‎people. You could hear them at social & political events, at union gatherings & celebrations like ‎‎1.of may, demonstrations, community projects & so on.

From their opinion they saw themselves as part of the movement for human rights, peace & anti-‎nuclear power, supporting people working for their rights, worldwide.

Musical influence was the anglo-irish & american folk revival & the recovered tradition of german ‎folkmusic, forgotten & unpopular, depended on the terror of the nazi-regime. So they tried (with ‎other musicians like Fiedel Michel, Peter Rohland or the Kröher brothers) to make the good part of ‎this music popular again.

The members of the group came from different parts of (west-)germany, & had different jobs, they ‎all met in berlin. Sorgenhobel wasn´t a schwaben band and most their activities happend in Berlin.
SORGENHOBEL is the trade-mark of a red wine from southern germany & it became the name of ‎the group, because some liked it, not all.

They played until 1983 & quit of private reasons, some went to other places, some had changes in ‎jobs or families. There was never a reunion.

Publishings: ‎
LP SORGENHOBEL / same / Eigenverlag 1981
‎2 MC´s: Brecht das Doppeljoch entzwei / Stechapfelverlag, 1981
Sorgenhobel - Lieder und Texte aus der Geschichte der Deutschen Arbeiterbewegung /
Stechapfelverlag (songbook to the cassettes)‎‎