The Old Edison + Time and Place

Canzoni contro la guerra di The Old Edison + Time and Place

The Old Edison


Genre: Folk / Rock / Roots Music

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Old Edison was a power plant in the working-class town of south Boston, adapted by Will, Rory, Jima, and Liam, kids who grew up in its shadow; four strong blooded Irish who grew up blue collar grasping at any chance they could get their filthy hands on. their youth was characterized by hard times where they found solace, friends, and unity in the punk rock scene. all playing their part in different bands throughout the years, soon they found themselves living under the same roof and realizing their common interest in the songs and sounds of yesteryear. they came together with the common goal of bringing honesty and heart back to the forefront.
The music is stripped down and raw, letting the soul shine true. influenced by roots, folk, and country music; they tried to combine this sound with the spirit of the music they grew up with. the songs are heartfelt and straight forward, sung of hope, loss, anger, belief, love, insanity, and triumph. each with the quality of being sung along to with friends. in these times of dishonesty and fear, the band finds their strength in the music and hopes you can to; the only way to make it through is with the help of those around you. grab a beer, raise your voice, and enjoy!

Woody, Billy B, Joe, Chuck, Dustin, Ben, Tom, Bob, Elvis C, Billy J, The Boss..

Members :

• Jima – mandolin;
• Willgood -guitar/vocals;
• Rory- bass;
• Liam - guitar/vocals/harmonica.

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Time and Place


Genre: Folk / Punk

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

Time and Place is a three piece folk punk band from Amherst, MA that plays lyrically driven shouty music in the same vein as many of the Plan-It-X Label bands past and present. Currently members of the Folk Routes family, as well as being signed to a small U.K. label called Aaahh!!! Real Records, the band (consisting of Brandon Rainville, Meagan Day and Jack Hawkins) have just released their first full length album entitled "Scarlet," Opener "As The Rain Dies Down" is the first and more frenzied of the 12-songs with its fleeting guitar strums and robust vocals, whilst following track "The Revolution Will Be In Three-Four" continues on this energetic burst, with contagious enthusiasm that leeches on to the listener like a heart-warming virus. In contrast, we have offerings such as "The Truth Is" and title track "Scarlet", which curb the pace of before and instead adopt a smoother and more intimate setting, stripping down their sound even further and embracing an approach similar to that of fellow folk-monger PJ Bond. Lyrically, ‘Scarlet’ - like all good punk themed records - has an emotive and creative edge. ‘Chords’ best displays this, with its heartfelt plea’s of “I should never have taken a chance on you”, as does ‘….And The Lucid Dreams Of Us’ that shoves a middle finger up to the world, harnessed in words “I’m not anything that could be labelled so easily.” Emma Quinlan ( - "You suck less than you did." Sean McGuire (Friend of the band) -- "You shout a lot, that's for sure. Are you angry at something? I thought you liked playing guys just seem...upset about everything." - Brandon's Dad (part of the 50-65 demographic, an unimpressed man) Let us know what you think about the album! For any and all contact/booking information, bring it on over to and give us yer "what up's."


• Meagan Day: up-right bass, vocals, terrible attitude;
• Jack Hawkins: guitar, vocals, uke, chiseled good looks;
• Brandon Rainville: guitar, vocals, uke, banjo, fury.

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