Canzoni contro la guerra di NoWhiteRag
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NoWhiteRagGenere: Hardcore / Punk

Posizione: MVTINA (Modena), Italy


In the year 2003 in Modena, Italy, NoWhiteRag were founded. The band chose its name as an analogy to the saying “No white flag”, meaning not to give in, not to surrender. The band’s creativity is enormous, unleashing energy-filled political punk rock with attitude, but without clichés. Their demo “Fucking Noise” was released in 2004,followed by the 7” “Da che parte stai?” in 2005, the diy-DVD “I don’t want your progress” in 2006 and a split 7” with PSYCHO NEGATIVES in 2006, called “Hopes and illusions”. The peak of their work was the European tour and the release of their debut full-length “Nothing left” through MANIAC ATTACK in 2008. Additionally to their music, NOWHITERAG make short films and music videos, in DIY manner, but in professional quality (see for yourself @ and do shows and other stuff at their local squat LA SCINTILLA in Modena. Don’t miss them if they have a show in your area, NOWHITERAG are MANIAC ATTACK’s insider tip!
Italy’s most active punk band at the moment blows out 10 tracks of pissed-off hardcore/punk with a unique vocalist comparable to those of A GLOBAL THREAT or THE UNSEEN. NOWHITERAG’s charisma is unbelievable and their fierce attitude just adds to their power. The CD contains a 12-page booklet and comes in an awesomely designed digipak packaging for a DIY special price of 6 Euros.


• Zanna - Vocals
• Marconcio - Guitar
• Katta - Guitar
• Grug - Bass
• Cocolo - Drums