Canzoni contro la guerra di Humus
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HumusGenere: Hardcore / Punk / Thrash

Posizione: Filottrano, provincia di Ancona, Italia

(English bio:)

Humus arose from the ashes of CNC in 2005, executing angry, hysterical, throatbleeding crustpunk hardcore fuelled with thrash and pessimistic nihilistic protest attitude.
Humus is the figurated condition on which is reduced, or has been leaded, man today.
About a passive being to his cold fate, devoid of a own freedom of action, choice or thought.
Without the spontaneity of being really himself and without the strength to achieve himself.
Only able to be consumed, exploited, subjected and wasted, drowned on poisons, forgetful of his real needs. An individual that lives in the continuous perpetrated illusion of being comfortable and happy in a reality based on falsity and egotism, greed and poverty, money and power, strong and weak, rulers and ruled, masters and slaves, violence and pain, war and cruelty.
Modern society it's his own parasitic cancer, that avoids the consciences, breeds hate and feeds the minds with nothingness and hatred, desperation and loneliness.
We dedicate our works, spirit and struggle to the ones that are still trying to change their condition, and still persist to fight, to bleed and to suffer, ignoring and refusing the impositions and the schemes of this sick system, more and more near to the his own end.
Humus represent the hatred inside ourselves, the strength to fight back and the will to live every moment of your life in freedom. Always being ourselves. The seed of liberty is inside of everyone.
The hatred they spread will wipe them out...
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• GIORDI: blind screams from the void;
• GIULIO: frenetic razorblade riffing;
• NICOLA: out of tune bass intruder;
• FAZI: furious bells of apocalypse;
• JACOPO: pestilent six.

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