Horror Vacui

Antiwar songs by Horror Vacui
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Horror VacuiHorror Vacui are a Post-Punk Gothic band that formed in the UK and Italy, referred to as the European answer to Spectres, Lost Tribe, Funeral Parade and Moral Hex. The definition of Horror Vacui is "Fear Of Emptiness", a statement that perfectly suits the atmosphere which features highly memorable guitar riffs, infectious bass lines, thunderous drums and haunting vocals. Lyrical content is varied and deals with issues ranging from mental health, to anti-militaristic activism, to the governments moral decay. This exclusive CD pressing includes six bonus demo tracks that are not found on the vinyl version. For fans of Anasazi, Bauhaus, Bludwulf, Christian Death, The Cure, The Dead Boys, Depeche Mode, Fields Of The Nephilim, Joy Division, Lords Of The New Church, The Misfits, The Ramones, Screaming Dead, Sisters Of Mercy and Swans. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright!
Horror Vacui formed in winter 2010. After some troubles we found a solid line up in spring 2011. Most of the band members had/have other experiences in the d.i.y. hardcore punk community and play/played in bands like Kontatto, Giuda, Campus Sterminii, Headed Nowhere, Noia etc... we all share a passion for early 80es goth rock/post punk/dark wave, and that's what we try to play.


• The Sheriff: vocals;
• Andrea: guitar;
• Marziona: guitar;
• Julia: bass;
• Henry Flat Fields: drums.