Safer With The Wolves

Canzoni contro la guerra di Safer With The Wolves

Genres: Rock | Broadway, NSW, AU
Location: Sydney, Australia

"Safer With The Wolves" bonds a dark, melodic collective of musicians from the sweaty underground of Sydney's inner city. Long time collaborators, Penny Anne and Jak Daw united many years ago over their nihilistic views of society, along with their relentless need to write music and share it with the world.
The duo's main aim was to create music that captured the interests of like-minded individuals and shed light on this industry of life. After reaching the conclusion that they are in fact safer with the wolves, than in society in its current state, the concept of the band was conceived. However, it wasn't until 2012 that Safer With The Wolves came to full-term with the addition of talented multi-instrumentalists, Arkhea Mobbs and Ben (catinabox) Smith, along with bowed wonder, Patrick Taylor who is described as 'the teeth' of the quintet.
"Safer With The Wolves' have created a sound that is as bold as it is beautiful, with songs such as anti-capitalist rant, Antfarm and poignant narrative, "Universelessnes"s, providing interesting commentaries on society, and are both fittingly accentuated with orchestral piano, well-placed harmonies and aggressive violin. Up-tempo homage to a friendly neighborhood spider, Huhnaaay and what could be described as the band's anthem, "Wolf and the Moon", round out their EP nicely.
"Safer With The Wolves" continues to write and manifest ideas, with a debut album to drop in the near future. The band maintains hope of making this world a little brighter and interesting with their contemplative musical contributions.
Here is what we made in the past.
Cat - Koro Vacui / Snout Cassette / Ghost Cat
Arkhea - Screaming Bikini / Bonney Read
Jak - TheArt / Snout Cassette
Pat - Torch Le Monde
Penny - Ghost Cat / Bubble Vicious
Having bonded over their nihilistic views on society, long time collaborators Penny Anne and Jak Daw decided that they were "Safer With The Wolves"
Due to an overwhelming need to share their compulsive and relentless song-writing with the world, the band was born in the hopes of shedding some light for other like-minded people, but above all for the love of music.
The wolf pack began to grow in early 2012 with the addition of seasoned multi-instrumentalists Arkhea Mobbs and Ben (catinabox) Smith, who give the music its colourful back bone. However, the songs really began to bare their teeth when Patrick Taylor stepped in to provide the pack with a plethora of bowed wonder.
Currently this pack of wolves belong to the 'wrong side of the tracks' ghetto of inner city Sydney where they are manifesting their thoughts and ideals into material for their debut album - a contemplative body of work the band hope will make the world a little brighter.


• Penny Anne,
• Patrick Taylor,
• Ben (cat) Smith,
• Jak Daw,
• Arkhea Mobbs

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