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Antiwar songs by Dead Unicorn
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Dead UnicornGenres: Grindcore / Powerpop / Punk

Location: Kingston, New York, USA

If you knew everyone was going to die today, what would you do? .. ..The signs of a coming mass extinction have never been more ubiquitous – still, humankind remains largely ignorant to the inevitability of their own death, much less the entire species... ..Zac Shaw (drums, vocals) and Paul Heath (bass, vocals) urge you to live as if the end times are near. Together they form the NY apocalyptic rock duo Dead Unicorn. With their complex excess of noise and melody, lyrics from the darkest comedy in the universe (our lives) and video projections that shock and awe, those who witness Dead Unicorn are not likely to forget their music or their message: Whatever you do on the last day of your life is probably what you should be doing more of in your normal, boring, everyday life... ..Dead Unicorn sprang to action in the spring of 2005. A seven-album plan was drawn up, with each album representing an imminent apocalypse scenario. The project would take nearly two years to begin in earnest, but in February of 2007 the group formed a record label (Music for End Times) and released the opening salvo of their apocalypse awareness campaign: ..Code Red: Yellowstone Supervolcano...Dealing with the cataclysmic effect of the imminent eruption of a supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park, the album was dispersed throughout the US during a tour to SxSW in March of 2007. The first pressing sold out (along with a pile of merch) in the summer, and in September the album was re-pressed on Music For End Times with the help of our friends at Peterwalkee Records and Glacial Records... ..Dead Unicorn is seeing growing support for YSV on the internet, with critical acclaim popping up on blogs and podcasts, and has received great feedback from, receiving numerous awards... ..The band is now taking its sweet-ass time finishing their second album, ..Global Thermonuclear War.., coming out hon July 30, 2010. ..Music for End Times...


• Zac Shaw - drums/sings
• Paul Heath - bass/screams
Sean-Paul Pillsworth - recorder/engineer/mixer/producer
Jason Martin - co-producer

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