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Sacha SacketSacha Sacket has taken his artistry far afield touring relentlessly with concerts at hundreds of colleges and music venues while garnering airplay on 150+ independent, college and NPR stations. Armed with a unique and powerful voice, which is perhaps his greatest asset, Sacket grabs you right in the gut and never lets go.
Sacha Sacket's style reflects a musical hybrid of modern electronic detachment and sensitive folk-auteur balladeering, a combination that is both disquieting and refreshingly imaginative. His most striking musical mainstays – ardent, inspired piano and sultry baritone vocals – are injected with muted dancehall beats, string sections, dark-wave synths, numinous atmospherics and intimately reflective lyricism. His songs are manic, inspired, and self-searching, and they showcase Sacket's talent at fusing haunting confessionals and panoramically wistful orchestration. Sacket's biggest achievement, however, is what lies beneath his songs: an invigoratingly mature and post-electronic musical vision that ultimately establishes him as a vital artist in today's music scene.
He has released 6 records thus far: Alabaster Flesh, Shadowed, Lovers and Leaders, Live at the Zone, Hermitage, and Viscera. His newest project, Double Gemini, is slated for release this Summer and Fall of 2012.Sacha is an independent musician. All money goes directly into his art. Please do not support piracy of his music.

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