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Behind Enemy LinesBehind Enemy Lines is an American crust punk band, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They play in a crossover style of anarchist crust punk and thrash metal. The band features vocalist Dave Trenga and drummer Matt Garabedian, both of Aus-Rotten, and formerly guitarist Bill Chamberlain of The Pist and Caustic Christ. Behind Enemy Lines has released three albums so far.
Behind Enemy Lines, though only enjoying a small fanbase of devoted crust punks, feminists and anarchists, has been reported in the news for their political commentary.
In late 2000, after the dissolution of Aus-Rotten, two former members of that band, Dave Trenga and Matt Garabedian, formed Behind Enemy Lines along with Bill Chamberlain (also of The Pist and Caustic Christ) on guitar, and Matt Sachs, formerly of Devastation on bass. Mary Bielich and Matt Tuite (both former members of Pittsburgh doom metal band Penance) joined later, playing bass and guitar respectively.
In 2007, Chamberlain was replaced by Ken Houser.
Aus-Rotten was known primarily for their political lyrics. After Aus-Rotten disbanded, Behind Enemy Lines lyrics covered subjects untouched by Aus-Rotten.
Lyrics, as present with their crust punk contemporaries, cover a range of political topics, including: animal rights, environmentalism, human rights, feminism (especially on issues of domestic violence, gender roles and abortion), LGBT rights, anti-religion and anti-capitalism. The band is noted for its harsh criticism of George W. Bush, especially on issues concerning the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib, human rights subverting under the Patriot Act (as seen in "As Long as I'm Safe") and most recently his response to Hurricane Katrina. Lyrics often make Bush analogous to fascism in addition to depicting him as a religious extremist and tyrant.
Dave Trenga often writes essays detailing his political opinion on both his Myspace blog and Behind Enemy Line's website. He demonstrated a strong distaste for Christianity, stating "I have never seen such a hateful and intolerant movement infiltrate every aspect of our lives as the current Christian movement in America has" and concluded, "I only hope I see this movement fall in my lifetime."

These are former and current members of the band, according to their MySpace page.
Current lineup
• Matt Sachs
– bass, vocals,
• Dave Trenga
– vocals,
• Matt Garabedian
– drums, vocals,
• Matt Tuite
– guitar, vocals.

Former members:

• Bill Chamberlain – guitar, vocals (2000–2007),
• Matt Sachs – bass, vocals (2000–2002),
• "Metal" Mary Bielich – bass, vocals (2002–2008),
• Ken Houser – guitar, vocals (2007).

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