Lexi Pierson

Antiwar songs by Lexi Pierson

For Lexi, it has been a long journey to reach this point. Growing up in the little town of Gauley Bridge, West Virginia (pop. appox. 800), Lexi was raised by her grandparents in a family environment that fostered and encouraged her love for music. She attributes her musical ear to her Mom, who can play anything by ear on the piano. A trio of mentors---Uncle Dan, Daddy, and Pop---showed her the guitar basics on a 1963 Sunburst Epiphone, (which has yet to be retired), and she was on her way. In her teens, Lexi was part of several rock bands, playing drums, bass, and rhythm guitar. After high school, she spent two years playing up and down the East Coast before joining the U.S. Air Force for a four year hitch. While serving her country, she found time to perform not only across America, but Europe as well. This gave her valuable experience in exposing her music to people of many countries, backgrounds, and cultures.

When Lexi's Air Force enlistment was up, she decided to move on to following her music career. She moved to the Tampa Bay, FL area in 2005, and established herself on the music scene there, while pursuing a Bachelor's degree at the University of South Florida. In 2010, country roads led Lexi back to her home state and not far from her hometown. She still finds time to perform for audiences both here and in Europe. Her most recent European tour included stops in Germany, Denmark, and Czech Republic where she received an enthusiastic response both from the audiences, and the musicians she met and worked with.

Lexi is a dynamic artist who posesses all the elements---truly standout vocals, intense well-crafted lyrics, and superb acoustic guitar musicianship. Many of her songs reflect her exploration of the intricacies of personal relationships, with all the joys and the difficulties they contain. She also considers larger social issues of life in the world today, but with a deft touch which captures the way these issues affect personal lives.

In addition to the talent she brings to her recorded work, Lexi is an absolutely engaging live performer, developing a rapport with all types of audiences. People sense quickly that she is the real thing, and feel connected to the whole experience.