Canzoni contro la guerra di Arroyo

It was 1994 when Lorenzo and Pino came up with the idea of a rock'n'roll band.
Lorenzo was into country blues and blue grass music, Pino into heavy metal and such, but the two of them shared the
same field: punk. Their early rehearsals were at home,
in the living room, just a guitar and a bass; occasionally
a friend with another guitar joined the duo. In 1995 they
had already set up a real band with a background which
connected country music to punk.
There was Pino's brother on the drums and Antonio on the electric guitar.
Lorenzo named the group Arroyo the following year when
they got asked to play at a Harley Davidson international
jamboree. They lacked a name and Arroyo described
what music was like in Lorenzo's mind. Arroyo
stands for creek in Spanish; every creek is an arroyo
in southern United States and lots of old music from that
area had a powerful influence on the band's sound.
The songs and the style then got sharpened by
Lorenzo's travelling years mostly in Ireland, Scotland and
the US, where he got influenced by their musical roots.
From '96 to late '98 Arroyo was Lorenzo, Pino and Antonio,
plus numerous additional musicians on the drums,
banjo, flute and fiddle.
In summer '96 there was also an additional background
vocalist, Mandy. In late '98 then Davide
joined the band on the guitar and taking definitely
Antonio's place after the recording of the first EP in
early '99. On that record, Freddy from Brazil was
on the drums and stayed with the boys for a whole
year. He was actually a member of the band
and up to this date one of the best friend and fellow
player they've ever met.
In the year 2000 Arroyo played Cittadella Live
festival, in Ancona - the band's hometown - and
the song Rovin' USA is included in the soundtrack of the event.
The boys recorded their first studio album "Freddy Malins"
in 2001 followed by "In The Nick Of Time" the next
year and "Old Fishmarket Close" in 2005.
Arroyo ceased to exist in December 2006 when Lorenzo & Davide set up Clipper.
Arroyo was: Lorenzo romagnoli, Pino Magnelli, Davide Marino, Freddy Cassiano.
Since December 2010 however, Arroyo appears as Arroyo Reunion, which features Simone Medori on the drums.

Lorenzo Romagnoli voce, chitarra, banjo tenore, armonica e tin whistle
Davide Marino chitarra, mandolino ed armonica
Pino Magnelli ### basso e cori
Simone Medori batteria e cymbals