Johnny Punish

Antiwar songs by Johnny Punish

Former punk rock lead singer and guitar hack from the 90s underground enigma-band TWISTED NIXON (1996-2002), Johnny Punish has embarked on a solo effort putting out 3 records; A Daring Escape From The Empire (2010), Ridin' The Bailout Bus (2011) & PunishMania (2012).
Punish, a singer songwriter musician, plays an eclectic style of music covering the many styles that interest him in the moment.
He's also a cyber journalist/activist penning over 200 articles freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for and other truth telling web sites.
For his "day job", he runs an global media company partnering with other outgoing peoples who are of like mind and spirit.
Born in Bronx NYC, USA in 1963 to a mother from the Holy Land and an Italian American father from Brooklyn New York City, Punish has a strong background to draw from that gives him plenty of inspiration.
Punish is a family man who lives on dirt road with chickens. He's checked out of the material world and into the realm of reason, enlightenment and humanity.


“Thank you very much for this brother, you are quite a character. But I always say, "anything but normal." Keep the faith, keep playing ”
Ken O'Keefe - Aloha Palestine

“The Magnificent Afghanistan, 60s Sentiment, Love It!”
Tim King - Salem-News

“Saddam Don't Surf is frickin awesome. Great all around. ”
Paul Hampton - The Skeletones

“Your song brought me to tears I was so moved!”
Renee Boje -

“Renee and the Drug Squad, That f*&%$ing rocks!”
Phillippe -

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