Canzoni contro la guerra di ImLen

Transcript from an Interview with ImLen

hi I'm Len, based in Redding, California (USA) all of my music is free to download.
Why this name?

Because l'm Len

Do you play live?

not me but my wife plays Violin in the Shasta Symphony and my three sons and my Daughter play Gigs from time to time. as the warmingtons here in town. every once in a while they play one of the tunes I made. that puts a big Grin on my face and mostly nobody throws stuff at them much anymore.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Well, if it had not changed it you would not be reading this. you would be reading the back of a cd at your local Licorice Pizza.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Here is how it would have to be. I would need a large paper Sack of cash. then before I would sign anything I would need complete control of everything. give up no rights to the music. I would need to be able to produce anything I wanted and not have to meet any kind of quota. I would need to be able to keep at least 95% of any monies produced from any aspect of my artistic endeavors. also be under no obligation to perform anything at any time ever. lastly I would need a clause where I could change any aspect of the contract at anytime I choose. without prior notice. and yes I Live in a Fantasy world always have..

Band History ?

Spencer Plays Guitar
Sarah Plays Bass
Matthew plays drums
Raymond plays guitar and banjo
Juliana plays Violin and piano
Lenny yells/whoops, finger pointing/shaking, odd irritating noises/sacks

Your influences?

Frank Zappa, Count Basie, Clutch Cargo, Bullwinkle Moose,ian dury, The Social Deviants, Dred Zeppelin, ? and the mysterions, Love, the Monkees, Kastenetz Katz Singing orchestral Circus, Vanilla Fudge, the Rutles..

Favorite spot?
.I like it very well right here in Bella vista where we as a family have lived on the ranch for over 150 years. thats what we call homie.. we are Bona fied Hillbillies

Equipment used:
Very little
Anything else...?
Hello everybody you can download all you want, it's free, thank you for listening.

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