Cephus McGoogle

Antiwar songs by Cephus McGoogle

Transcript from an Interview with Cephus McGoogle.

This is the first time Cephus McGoogle, AKA Louis J. Brown, based in Bremen, Georgia (USA) has exposed his music to the internet world. He's learning as he goes...

"I'm a professional songwriter with over a 150 recordings including cuts by major and indie artists. I've been a past "Songwriter of the Year" three times in large associations.
An album with one of my songs was nominated "Album of the Year" by CMA and Music City News. My songs have been heard over one half a million times somewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Keith Whitley's RCA album was announced Gold and sales have climbed closer to Platinum.
Some artists or songwriters I've worked with are Big Kenny, Carson Whitsett, Vern Gosdin, Dean Daughtry, Rex Gosdin,
Bill Taylor, etc. Paid staffwriter for the late publisher Buddy Killen of Tree Publishing fame,
Bill Lowery, Bill Lord, John Kenny, and provided numerous songs for many other major publishers. If you'd like to sing one of my songs call me at 678-821-3142.
My Latest Good News: I was happy to win the Paramount Group's Grand Prize
for the most outatanding song in the 2007 Spring Competition. It was also rated the funniest song in tne 2007 Spring competition.
I'm also happy to say my song "All Night Fire"reached first place in the Soundclick overall Country category when Hayley Oliver sung it recently. Also, had another No. 1 with "Places In My Heart".
My political song "The True Ballad of G.W." won first place in the humorous category.
Also, had a couple of number ones in various categories with co-writer Michael Peace.
Among other things.
Cephus likes to write entertaining songs. He might go a little far with his subject matter sometimes but believe it or not he tries to show some restraint.
Cephus also likes to write songs about right and wrong. he tries to do the right thing and believes we have a compass inside us to guide us to do the right thing. if we only listen to the voice of our conscience it nudges us toward the right decision. we must carefully weigh the repercussions of our choices. god made it pretty easy for us if we listen closely.
You'll be right sometimes and wrong sometimes but you'll get most of them right. What say you?"

Why this name?

"Because Cephus' Daddy was a good ole country boy and thought it fit".

Do you play live?

"My special moments are when I - to put it simply - come up with a new song that makes someone laugh or inspires someone or maybe helps someone learn to care more for a neighbor".

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

"I thank it will make a way for more talented people to get exposure with their music and lead to something better".

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

"It could be good to sign with a great publisher if the honchos in charge flipped out for your songs".

Your influences?

"Andy Griffith, Stuart Hamblen, Walter Brennan, Red Sovine,Tom Tripp, Bill Lowery,
Garth Brooks, Big Kenny, many others".

Favorite spot?

"In the studio trying to say sump'm in a song that everybody would be wiser after hearing it.

Equipment used:

"Mainly a keyboard".

Anything else...?

"I'll think of something".