Canzoni contro la guerra di Research

Bio and Transcript from an Interview with Research.

Research is an experimental punk band that first formed in 1979, starting out with mainly hard punk material.
Research started in late '79 in Odessa, Texas, from a little group of old friends, mostly artists. We were all inspired to add our own flavor to the DIY punk scene of the time. Research began as a mostly hard punk band, doing our few originals along with covers by the likes of The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols, & 999. Research quickly branched out to a more "no-wave", experimental sound, & became decidedly less "punky". By now the band had written more than enough originals to fill an evening, so almost all the covers were eventually dropped. The music now went from quirky, to pop, to old school punk, to avant-garde. Research also went thru a few minor personel changes during this early period, but ended up with the core members, Bert, Bill, Sean, & Dave for the large majority of the bands lifetime. Research played several west Texas venues during the 80's, but the number of places in west Texas that were willing to feature punky, experimental music was very limited back then. But if nothing else, we always managed to find a place to play on Halloween. Research went into the studio & recorded one album & a 7" single in the mid 80's & then disbanded shortly thereafter....
Once we began writing more material, the music quickly broadened to include A more experimental-no-wave direction in writing.
Instead of staying with a certain band sound, we work at doing just the opposite. Ya never can tell what's gonna happen with the Research Laboratory.
In 2003 the band reformed & began recording again. Things have gotten off to a slow start, but the recording situation has greatly improved recently & we're looking forward to more new stuff in the future. Available now is the newly remastered 9 track cd of classic Research, with 3 tracks of recently reworked songs. We're working on a full-length cd featuring new material, along with who knows what else... to be released next year.

Why this name?

The name is Research because we experimented with different styles of music across the spectre.
We're a more serious band, not a party band, so the name also implies more serious work.

Do you play live?

Not in a long time.

Your influences?

Joy Division, Devo, Pere Ubu, The Residents, Zappa, the punky stuff from the late 70's, classical music, classic 60's rock like The Beatles, Hendrix etc.
This could go on forever..


• Bill Robinson
– guitar, keyboard, vocals;
Bert Martin – bass, vocals;
Sean Kelly – drums;
David Rudd – vocals.

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