Bill Robinson

Antiwar songs by Bill Robinson

Transcript from an Interview with Bill Robinson

Based in Joelton, Tennessee (USA) Bill Robinson is an old singer/songwriter..Why this name?

It's my name. And there is nothing wrong with a little name recognition, Mr Bo jangles comes to mind..
DONATIONS are gratefully accepted. However I don't want something for nothing so buy a download. I can use the money for the next CD.
All my songs are available for licensing.
I am primarily a songwriter, I perform locally at open mic's and small venues.
My songs are beginning to get recognition through various internet sources and local establishments. If you are interesting in covering any of my songs please contact me.
If you enjoy my songs please let me know.
Thanks for listening.

Do you play live?

I play local open mic's Play at family get togethers.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

I believe it will open up the music industry for independent artist. The amount of Indie talent out there is staggering. I hope the listening public would just start buying directly from the artist. Look around this site. There are many artist's that offer their music for sale. Very talented, too. Buy from them. That's what will keep the Indies going and maybe it will show the major labels that things need to change.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Not for performing but I would be up for a staff songwriter position

Your influences?

Kristofferson, Beatles, Ricky Nelson, Willie Nelson, Merle. I've been listening to music since the forties. I guess I have been influenced by them all. But mostly by the old timers.

Favorite spot?

My new house in Joelton Tn just a few minutes north of Nashville. Get me close to some of my favorite places like The Bluebird Cafe

Equipment used: I record on a computer based system. Mackie 1620 firewire mixer. Samick Acousic Guitar, Cort bass. 1971 Harmony acoustic archtop Cubase sx3(that I have been trying to figure out for a year)what a pain

Anything else...? Yeah! Support the Indies.