Fr. Christoforos Schuff

Canzoni contro la guerra di Fr. Christoforos Schuff

The Rev. Fr. Christoforos Schuff is an Orthodox Priest dedicated to social justice. He has written numerous songs, among them the provocative anti-war song "God damn the war"

Christoforos Schuff (born February 6, 1979 in Sacramento, California as Christopher Michael Schuff [1]) is a former Greek-Orthodox priest,[2][3] musician[4] and artist,[5][6] recognized for his humanitarian work and social activism.[7][1] He has held discourses on religion and society, social justice, human rights and participates in inter-faith dialogue.[8][9] Schuff has appeared in the media regularly, especially in Norway and Greece, since 2006.[10][11][12][13][14][15] He has been the subject of several documentaries[16][17] and in various programs in Europe and the United States for his work with refugees.[18][19][20]

Schuff has been described as "a bit unorthodox"[21] and "Colorful in black",[22] due to his way of life and stances on certain religious and social issues.[23]