Billy Hughes & His Rhythm Buckeroos‎

Antiwar songs by Billy Hughes & His Rhythm Buckeroos‎
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Billy Hughes & His Rhythm Buckeroos‎Born Everette Ishmael Hughes in Sallisaw, Oklahoma in 1908, Hughes was a prolific songwriter ‎who wrote hundreds of tunes during his long life. Many of his tunes were placed with Hill & Range ‎including the Number One hit for Red Foley, Tennessee Saturday Night (1948-1949). Other singers ‎who recorded Hughes' compositions included Rosalie Allen, Eddy Arnold, Spade Cooley and Tex ‎Williams and Ernest Tubb. Hughes, a fiddler and a singer, found some success in Oklahoma City ‎with 'Pop' Moore's band featuring Johnny Bond. He left Oklahoma City in 1938 for California. He ‎was a popular Western band leader in the Los Angeles area throughout the 1940s and gave a ‎number of important musicians their earliest breaks. He recorded prolifically during this time. He ‎died in 1995.‎