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Song written (by Mouksa) in December 2002 right before the start of the Iraq war. Haiphong is a Vietnamese city that was bombed and destroyed in 1972 by the USA. The song is about how those in power through the media tryed to destroy the anti-war movement in the early 1970's by not reporting most of the protests and claiming that the "1960's" were over,and by commercializing the hippie/peace movement's symbols like the peace sign. It is also about how in May and June of 1972 there were perhaps the biggest anti-war protests ever up to that time, but even today few know it because we were supposed to "sell out" and go back to the system by then! Nevertheless,the song is actually about the present situation in Iraq and the great new anti-war movement of today! Finally,it's a message for us today not to believe in the lies of the mass media when next time it trys to tell us to conform!
Haiphong '72
inviata da Mouksa of the Psychedelic Cowboys 8/12/2005 - 19:28

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